Running a liquid micro jet in a vacuum is even more demanding when highly volatile liquids are used. Microliquids has developed solutions for liquid micro jets from liquefied noble gases. Up to now, we have delivered customized systems to research groups in Europe and in Asia. The system contains two main parts:

  -   The custom made cryostat (Nr. 2), which precooled by a liquid nitrogen container (Nr. 1)
  -   The liquid xenon jet injector (Nr. 5), which is adapted to your custom vacuum chamber (Nr. 3)

When standard liquids are used as a laser target, the liquid micro jet can be controlled with a high-precision HPLC pump. For highly viscous or highly volatile media, Microliquids offers tailor-made solutions. Our technology can be applied to molten metals, highly viscous polymers or even liquefied noble gases.