A new liquid target for Laser-produced Plasma (LPP) EUV-Source

Lithiumlike Fluorine atomes are well-known strong emitters of EUV radiation and an alternative to the well-known xenon targets. We have introduced liquid perfluorpolyether as a new microjet target with ideal physical properties for laser-produced plasma based EUV sources. Furthermore, we offer solutions to generate highly stable xenon droplets.
Impressive features of this table top EUV source are:

  • Extremely convenient, stable liquid target
  • low vapor pressure, thus extremely stable liquid jet
  • high viscosity, thus extended continuous filament of the jet
  • widely tunable jet diameter
  • no additional cooling for jet generation or liquid traps
  • quick and easy operation of the system
  •  High brightness, stable EUV emission
  • intense fluorine line emission in the 9-17 nm range
  • estimated conversion efficiency @12.6 nm = 1.5%
  • preliminary emission stability  < 15% 
  • Highly localized, symmetric plasma
  • 2-D gaussian profile with FWHM < 50 µm 
  • Radiation resistent "clean" target
  • non-polymerising target
  • formation of volatile fragments, thus minimizations of deposits